Sugar Daddy Doge Whitepaper [v1]

Final Whitepaper [v2] To Be Released



Sugar Daddy Doge will become the next viral deflationary BSC token & will make trust, transparency & passive income accessible.

Value proposition

  • Trust, transparency & open communication
  • Revolutionary tokenomics created to reward holders with dividends in BNB
  • Viral super cool meme coin
  • Utility Dapps 

Trust & transparency

This is a critical ingredient to long term success, which is why Mia has doxxed from the start. She has been completely transparent with the creation of this token, the locking of liquidity & locking of team wallets. Her promise is to communicate every day with her community, always making herself available, she is committed to doing this full time.  Through her commitment, transparency & communication she has earnt the trust of her community. This should become the new baseline in crypto.


Designed uniquely to optimize loyal holders passive income stream, just like owning stock, you earn dividends in BNB & your capital will grow as this token goes viral with the elaborate marketing plan in store.

Sugar Daddy Doge is a Passive Income Token with long term sustainable approach in crypto space.

✅Tokenomics includes a well calculated tax system to drive the growth of token. A total of 14% taxes are deducted and sent to the Smart Contract on every transaction, over Decentralized exchanges. Transfer from one Smart Chain wallet to another incurs the 14% tax too.

✅Starting with 2% share from the Tax Collections and gradually increasing to 10% , hence upgrading the benefits to all investors.

Development for Sugar Daddy Doge Token includes a


 ✅ Legal Entity Backup

 ✅Bridging for ETH & MATIC Community

 ✅Mass adoption Dapps

and combined with continous organic growth strategy.


☑️ 1% Controlled Buyback Wallet
☑️ 3% Marketing Wallet
☑️ 3% Creating Stronger LP 
☑️ 7% BNB Rewards POOL 


☑️ BuyBack wallet keeps accumulating and used often to save from massive dips. Security against price volatility. Eventually, will be stopped and taxes would be added towards BNB Rewards Pool.

☑️ BNB reward POOL will start collecting upto 7% from the tax, and hence increasing the passive income for all holders.

Sugar Daddy Doge has been created with a vision to accomplish long term investment, while providing a decent passive income source. In the times, where rugs have become a common unfortunate incident and investors losing their valuable investment, Sugar Daddy Doge is a boon to all investors coming to trade safely. To increase mass adoption and increase utility of the platform, a dedicated marketing & design team is in place to combine best ideas together & implement the execution.

Rich organic community is also playing a very valuable role in the growth of the currency & every step would be taken towards strengthening even more.