How to buy on PanCakeSwap

1) Go to SugarDaddyDoge website 
2) Click on BUY on PanCakeSwap
3) Click the box for “I understand” and “continue”.
4) Change the Slippage to 15%
5) Click on Swap.
6) Confirm the transaction with your Metamask wallet.

  • No Sell/Buy Limits

How to add SugarDaddyDoge on Metamask

  • 1) On your Metamask click on add token
  • 2) Copy the Token Contract Address 0x5c4137ac4f0af3830fd3e2276e44e4a6e02f00b8
  • 3) Write the Token Symbol SugarDaddy

How to Add SugarDaddyDoge on Trustwallet

  • 1) Go to Smart Chain Wallet
  • 2) Add New Token
  • 3) Copy the Token Contract Address 0x5c4137ac4f0af3830fd3e2276e44e4a6e02f00b8
  • 4) Decimal = 18
  • 5) Symbol = SugarDaddy


✅Sugar Daddy Doge is  the 1st Doge Coin to integrate a growing BNB Reward Pool.

✅Autoclaims are adjustable.
Currently set to 60 mins.

✅ Rewards get credited automatically in your Smart Chain holding SugarDaddyDoge

✅Minimum SugarDaddyDoge = 1000
To be eligible for BNB rewards.

✅ During hours of high trading volume, frequency of rewards are higher.

✅ (UPGRADED) BNB Reward Pool Collects 7% from each transaction. (Initially BNB reward pool was set to 2%)

✅ Earnings Dashboard Here